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EARLI SIG 16 Conference 2018

JURE Keynote

Kim A. Gärtner, Heidelberg, GER




Kim A. Gärtner is a PhD student and research associate at the Institute of Educational Science at Heidelberg University, Germany. She received her Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Göttingen in 2013. Her main research interests include the determinants of self-regulation development in preterm and full term born toddlers. In her dissertation, she investigates the interplay of parenting practices and parental beliefs with self-regulation development in toddlerhood, as well as the effectiveness of parental training focusing on supportive strategies. She participated in two large quasi-experimental and multi-method intervention studies that were conducted in cooperation with the University Hospital Heidelberg. Together with her supervisor Prof. Dr. Silke Hertel, she is currently guest-editing a special issue on Co- and Self-Regulation in Early Childhood that is aimed to be published in the journal Metacognition and Learning in 2018. Furthermore, she is involved in the dissemination of parent training programmes and their transfer into pedagogical practice by giving train-the-trainer courses for pedagogical staff working in preterm aftercare.

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